Notice of Privacy

Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development

The Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development is responsible for the use, treatment and protection of personal data collected through the procedures or services that you provide by physical or electronic means, as well as the events you attend; observing the general provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data of the State of Chihuahua and other regulations that may apply.

The personal data collected will be used for the following purposes:

  • To verify and confirm your identity, as well as the authenticity of the information you provide, to have a record that allows us to accurately identify who participates and/or attends the event.
  • To authenticate the necessary requirements in order to provide the procedures and services being offered.
  • To carry out all needed actions for the procedure or service that you request from registration to completion.
  • To incorporate the files and databases for the concession and operation of rendered services, as well as the obligations that are derived from them.
  • To maintain a historical database for statistical purposes.

In accordance with the procedure or service that is requested and/or events that are attended, the following (but not limited to) personal data, will be used:

  • Personal identification data: full name, trade or business name, address, telephone number, email address, handwritten signature, key of the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), Single Registry of Population Register (CURP), Unique Registry of Accredited Persons (RUPA), certificate of electronic signature, marital status, matrimonial assets, age, date of birth and nationality.
  • Professional and employment information.
  • Financial and proprietary information.